How Mainframe Modernization Begins with Application Modernization

In today's dynamic enterprise IT landscape, mainframes remain integral to mission-critical operations. Yet, as technological paradigms evolve, there's an imperative to ensure these mainframes retain their relevance in modern business infrastructures.

The whitepaper, "How Mainframe Modernization Begins with Application Modernization" is a collaborative effort between OpenText and The Futurum Group. This comprehensive document offers a profound exploration of mainframe modernization, framed within the context of the latest technological advancements and methodologies.

Exploring Mainframe Modernization: Key Insights and Strategies

  • The evolution of mainframes and the continuous drive to enhance their integration with broader business operations.
  • The transformative potential of the public cloud, Agile development, DevOps, and cloud-native methodologies in reshaping the mainframe landscape.
  • OpenText's pioneering role in mainframe modernization, offering tools and expertise that have been instrumental in guiding numerous enterprises towards a dynamic application environment.
  • Insights into application replatforming, strategies to simplify application complexity, and ways to futureproof your IT hiring strategies.

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your IT operations are future-ready. Dive deep into the insights and strategies that will shape the next era of IT.

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