Insights Driven by Data. Verify, and keep verifying: Cybersecurity in a zero-trust world

Navigating the complexities of cybersecurity requires expertise, collaboration, and forward-thinking. Cisco, in collaboration with NTT Data, presents the Zero Trust model—a synthesis of collective expertise and strategic vision.

Guide Spotlight: "Insights Driven by Data. Verify, and keep verifying: Cybersecurity in a zero-trust world" More than just a guide, this is a collaborative endeavor between Cisco and NTT Data. It's an embodiment of research, shared expertise, and practical application. Crafted for the seasoned professional, this guide delves into the nuances of the Zero Trust model, offering insights that are both profound and actionable.

Inside this Comprehensive Guide:

  • Collaborative Mastery: Experience the synergy between Cisco and NTT Data as they deep dive into the conceptual framework of Zero Trust.
  • Strategic Alignment: Explore how Zero Trust can be harmonized with overarching cybersecurity goals and strategies.
  • Pioneering Solutions: Gain exclusive insights into advanced solutions tailored for the Zero Trust framework, backed by two industry giants.
  • In-Depth Case Studies: Engage with detailed examinations of real-world implementations, offering a layered understanding of the model's transformative potential.

For the Vanguard of Cybersecurity: As you lead the forefront of digital defense, equip yourself with insights born from a powerful collaboration. Register to access the definitive guide on the Zero Trust approach by Cisco and NTT Data, and fortify your strategic repertoire.

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