Operational excellence is a key part of system modernisation

Are you on the path to data-driven profitability? Tech Research Asia has partnered with Rimini Street to offer new insights for Australia’s IT leaders.

The guide, Operational excellence is a key part of system modernisation, offers more than just statistics; it includes practical advice on how IT leaders can cut down on resource
waste and increase value from their vendors.

Bolster your roadmap for navigating the complex landscape of IT system modernisation, driving operational excellence, and achieving sustainable growth in today’s dynamic market.

Get the free report now and gain many insights, including:

  • Top priorities: Discover the top three IT management priorities for the next 12 months.
  • The state of digital transformation: Is your digital transformation plan tailored to deliver and drive the next wave of change? See how your peers are going.
  • Profitability versus financial waste: How many hours a week are organisations wasting on low value tasks it shouldn’t really need to undertake?
  • Tips on reducing waste: By following these steps, organisations can gain a better understanding of the costs and value of their operational and core systems.
  • Get more from your vendor: Can you get more out of your core or operational systems vendor?

By optimising your existing systems, innovating around the edges, and outsourcing maintenance and support you can get more out of your vendors and achieve a better overall fit.

Don’t wait for today’s systems to become the next legacy. Take a path to data-driven profitability now.

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